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At Centro, we offer a personal touch and our independent status allows us to tailor our approach to each individual client.

Established in 1990, following the acquisition of Prudential Property Services, we are proud of our reputation as a trustworthy, capable market leader. Our unparalleled knowledge of Sutton, Croydon and surrounding areas of Surrey helps us to offer a smooth and professional service.

Residential Estate Agency – Houses & Flats for Sale | Property to Let | Sell or Rent your Property
Commercial Agency – Commercial Sales
| Commercial Lets | Acquisition & Disposal
Property Management – Residential Property Management
| Block & Portfolio Management
Facilities Management – Residential Block Maintenance
| Cleaning & Gardening Services
Property Consultancy –
Design | Viability | Planning | Building | Asset Management
Croydon Commercial Property | Sutton Commercial Property

Residential and commercial property agent for Sutton and Croydon in Surrey

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